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How to Apply

you can apply using the 'join us' button above.
or you can apply here.

many corps in EvE wish to know a load of info about you, well we dont need too much, just the basics.
there is no minimum SPs, no roams before acceptance, and no inside leg mesurments.
(you will need to provide your api key to enable us to do a background check on you, this is normal for all corps, Kaozzz can help you find it)

If you wish to join us, copypasta this form and post it in the forums. and a director will get back to you.

How old is your main pilot?

any alt accounts?

How many skill points?

what areas of EvE interest you the most?

can you fly drunk?

My ships hang in the sky in much the same way that bricks don't.
Twitter @kaozzz1

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Forum » Applications » Apply to join corp
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